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Thread: Tri-Rec or Ironheart

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    Tri-Rec or Ironheart

    I am torn between two amps at this current moment. The two I'm curious about are the Bugera Tri-Rec and Laney Ironheart 60h. I currently own the Tri-Rec, decent tones, nothing amazing, good features, give me a good tone but as I said, nothing amazing. I'm thinking about returning the Bugera and trying out the IronHeart 60h. Anyone have any experience with the ironheart? This head will be run through a 1989 Mesa/Boogie 4x12 with EVH12L and C90 BlackShadows in an x pattern. I play a lot of mixed metal and rock, From Lamb of God to Slayer to mudvayne to disturbed to Killswitch.

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    If you're not gelling with the Tri-Rec, I'd swap it for something else. Especially since Bugera products are not necessarily known for reliability.

    I've heard good things about the Laneys, but have never played one. I think Toshiro owns one of the Ironhearts, though.
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    Funny you say that about the Bugera, The clean channel already has issues, pres and bass knobs do nothing.

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    Buy the Laney

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    The Ironhearts are pretty dry and tight, more cutting than the "huge" sound of a Recto. It will cover the genres you want, though you might want an actual OD pedal, as the on-board boost is not ideal(can work for some things, but I don't care for it). The pull EQs make it versatile, even with the shared EQ between clean and rhythm.

    Other things to keep in mind when playing through one:
    The EQ is not active, no matter how it's labeled on the faceplate
    "Dynamics" is a Resonance knob
    "Tone" is a Presence knob
    "Watts" is a PPIMV(Post Phase Inverter Master Volume). I've owned attenuators, this is not the same, but it does make the amp usable at bedroom volumes.

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    I hope I can try a Ironheart out someday. Quite a few people I follow really like them and I think tight and dry can handle the styles in the bands you listed well.

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    The Ironhearts are badass.


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    I believe it was Lopez* that said, "friends don't let friends buy Bugera."

    *sorry if I'm wrong

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