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Thread: Building a live rig from scratch

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    Building a live rig from scratch

    Hi guys,

    so I haven't been playing live for years, due to my schedule/uni/exams. The hardest part will be over in September so I am planing to buy stuff to play live again. I sold EVERYTHING. Had a Laney VH100R, an Axe Fx Std, cabs. So I am pretty familiar with both, analog and digital.
    So now I dunno which way to go. After having an AxeFx I kinda don't wanna go back, those options are great! And flexibility...
    So for good heavy rhythms and good cleans... what would you get?
    Limiting aspect is of course the budget.
    My idea:
    used AxeFx Std. ~ 800
    used 2x12 Cab ~ 300
    some power amp ~ dunno?!
    Midi Behringer FCB1010 ~ 100

    So now you. For recording my needs TSE X50, Recabinet and Komplete 7 for effects suits my needs. That's not a point for me of having an AxeFx.
    But I don't know if I can get a decent setup for the same price to get the same results while still having the portability.
    With 1500 what kind of rig would you get?
    Just before buying an AxeFx again, I want to make sure to have looked into all the options. I dont NEED all the crazy effects, but letalone having full control over my live sound and sending it FOH sounds awesome to me...


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    I'd grab a used 6505+, 5150 III, Jet City JCA50H or 100HDM, or Laney Ironheart + 2x12 cab with V30s. Grab a boost, a delay, and something to make swirly modulated noises (I'm a big fan of the MXR Phase 90, but others go for chorus or flanger) and you should be all set well within budget.
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    I have a VH100R in my collection and I love it, get another one. Especially given how cheap they sell for second hand (I got mine for $400). Then again, 5150/6505 is also pretty damn solid and a go to in the budget category and in the US but since you're in Germany I don't know what the used market is like on them. Here they're not cheap.

    Since you're in Germany, Thomann should have the Ironheart range pretty cheap which is good for a new option. The 212 cabs for it sound pretty sweet too. Pair it with an OD808 and you have a cheap, decent sounding rig with a solid clean tone.
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    Wirelessly posted

    How much benefit did your band notice sending your signal to FOH?

    I would just get a reliable amp and cab, and start working at getting incredibly tight as a band.
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    6505 + delay + boost


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    I'm with V6. Ironheart + matching 2x12 direct from Thomann. Pick up a used 808 or even one of the cheap Biyang OD's, and a Carbon Copy. Job done. I've used that EXACT set-up and can confirm it sounds absolutely badass. Infact, minus the Laney cab, I've got that exact set-up in my cave right now


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    I'd just get an amp, a boost/od, and maybe a delay pedal. You can buy a pretty badass amp with that money on the used market.

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    Yeah, a "live rig" is essentially some sort of tube head and a cab, dude. The AxeFX is an awesome live solution if you're either running it through a good power amp and a good cab and have a good floorboard or never switch patches, or if you're playing arenas where you have reliable good monitors and sound systems. Other than that, simplicity is your best bet.

    For your budget, a 6506 or 5150 and a good 4x12 or 2x12 is the best bang for the buck solution you'll find.
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