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Thread: Refinishing 5150 4x12 cab - Rookie

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    Refinishing 5150 4x12 cab - Rookie

    Got tired of the frayed tolex and wanted to give it a facelift.
    Peavey 5150 Refinish - Imgur

    I've already stripped everything out. I'm in the process of getting the glue off, alternating between citrus strip and goo gone.

    Once I get this stuff off, I plan to stain it a dark red. Here are my questions:

    1) When the stain is to the color I like, what would be the best way to seal and protect the stain? I understand that the cab will get dings in it, but I'd like to use a coating that gives it the best protection possible.

    2) Where can I go to order replacement corners, handles, input jacks, peavey logos, and the grill cloth? All of the stuff on this cab is beat to hell and I don't want to put beat up stuff on a newly refinished cab.

    3) Any lessons learned through your own experience would be helpful, too.

    Thanks in advance!

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    As a cab it's gonna get pretty beat up as it's moved around unless it's a home bound one. I'd recommend something like a furniture stain on it as it's cheap, looks good and is easy enough to reapply as and when it gets fucked. I've done it before for a customer who wanted a Rhodes piano case bare with a black stain on the wood. I used Cabbots furniture varnish and it came up a treat and gave him the tin to do touch ups when he wanted.

    For the hardware, always try peavey first. If not, then ebay should be the next stop.

    I don't often advocate bare finishes on cabs though as they are likely to get pretty ugly pretty quickly, more so than tolex but hey whatever works for you go for gold.
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