As the title says, I posted this over at boogie forum, but maybe Matt C can chime in with exact measurments for me on the OS to make sure I have the slant measument right. And then Noodles can chime in on the Traditional straight since I no longer own one, and we can get exact spec's without the rubber feet involed. I also know when I measured my OS which is the straight/slant varient that the measurments where not exact to boogie specs. Example the depth was only 14 inches instead of 14 1/4 and the width was also under 30 inches.

Anyway here is my post from boogie board.

Tradtional Straight and Oversized slant or Straight/Slant, I have done the measurments and the internal volume is so close that they are not that different. Not to mention I have owned both and can tell you they both sound damn close and only played side by side can you tell the very very slight difference.

Here are the measurements I used, please note I did not take into consideration wood thickness and I just used the measurements on Mesa's website. The actuall volumes for both cabs are actually lower due to they measure from rubber feet up and the fact that i am measuring outer and not inner, I think the wood is .750 all around. In order to do the slanted baffle measurement I took off 2.875 off the depth as that is what the top of the slant. So here are my figures

Traditional Straight
30.125 Height
29.875 Width
14.250 Depth
This equals 7.453 Cubic Feet

For the OS Slant I broke down into two measurments and then just added the two volumes.
16.4375 Height
30.125 Width
14.250 Depth
This equals 4.083 Cubic Feet

Second Meausurment
16.4375 Height
30.125 Width
11.375 Top Depth ( Slant is 2.875 at top)
14.250 Bottem Depth
This Equals 3.672 Cubic Feet

Total of both 7.755 Cubic Feet

Difference between Traditional straight and OS Slant is .302 Cubic feet.

As you can see there is not much difference.