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    Too many delays....delays.......delays......d...

    I know this isn't metal in anyway, but I just found this guy on youtube while I was trying to get some ideas about setting up my delays and reverbs for my clean tones. Its something I've never given any thought whatsoever and thought it about time I actually paid attention to my signal chain.

    So this guy has a lot of videos about setting up multiple delays, reverbs etc to get some really lush ambient tones, swells etc. I don't know if anyone here will get anything out of his tutorials, but at least it will help all you insomniacs get to sleep tonight.
    [VIDEO]]Ambient Song #20 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Hi! Yeah there is something really cool about using delay, chorus and a really wet reverb for that billowing shoegaze wash behind your dry chords. The #20 vid was cool!

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    This guy's vids are great.

    And of course, delay makes everything better.
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    This is awesome. So many cool ideas that I have to try out now. It's also interesting to see what he does with the more extreme effects in other videos and get ideas to try.
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    Great more reasons to buy more pedals!

    I have a way huge delay and a boss chorus but haven't come across a used reverb locally

    I have to admit that I find ambient guitar really enjoyable to listen to although it's a genre I have not explored. Makes for good movie sound tracks sometimes

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