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Thread: Distortion pedals to consider

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    Distortion pedals to consider

    I've seen cool videos on the following pedals:

    *Bogner Ecstasy Red
    *Rocktron Metal Planet
    *Vox Satchurator
    *MXR Super Bad Ass Distortion
    *Plush Cerebus Tri-Mode

    the Bogner is on the very top of my list that I'm going to sell/trade in some pedals, a processor and a guitar for it, maybe next week.....can anyone tell me about the other pedals, pros/cons before I bite the bullet? I'm looking for a warm, organic sound with versatile distortion, basically, and will be running this through the effects return of my Randall RVC 5 all tube, 5-watt practice amp...I currently have a MXR Full bore Distortion, and have determined it's way too metal for me, I've tried dialing up a good tone many times over, but to no avail....close, but no cigar
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    check out the "sovereign" distortion by Wampler. It's super versatile and tweakable. Sounds great alone or behind a preamp/overdrive pedal.

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    I've seen videos on the Sovereign, it's on my radar, along with the Triple Wreck, actually [forgot to add those two]

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    I back-to-backed the MXR Custom Badass OD with a Tubescreamer through a Dual Recto. I took the MXR home because it did everything the TS and more.

    Any OD compression sometimes thins the tone a bit so the onboard 100hz knob helped put balls back into the signal.

    It's really a cool pedal you're using it as a boost.

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    I have the Bogner Blue and the Bogner Red. The Blue is actually more versatile and can go from cleans to rock rhythms and leads (can even do metal if boosted with a Tubescreamer-style OD) while the Red is a balls-to-the-wall pissed-off high-gain modded Marshall sound with a shitload of gain and a lot of compression.
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    I was thinking about getting both the Red and Blue one, if I can pull it off, but I think I will snag the Red one, if anything....the Uberschall pedal is also on my radar as well, plus I just saw a video of the ISP Theta Preamp pedal, whoaaa!! Mesa throttle Box, both the EQ and non-EQ, too.....damn, decisions, decisions, LOL!!

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    See if theres any way you can try as many out side by side as possible
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    Fulltone OCD. Mike has one, and he uses it in front of a clean amp in the cover band. Extremely toneful, with none of the typical distortion box fizz.
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