Looks like I'm gonna get a Bogner Ubershcall pedal

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Thread: Looks like I'm gonna get a Bogner Ubershcall pedal

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    Looks like I'm gonna get a Bogner Ubershcall pedal

    After a week with the Bogner Ecstasy Red, looks like I still need an 'Over-the-top' modern metal madness pedal' after all....mind you, I love the versatility and the options of the red, using it for all the hair metal/hard rock stuff I dig that it does very well [from Def Leppard to Dokken, to Skid Row to Queensryche, and even AIC], but I still need that edginess even more [modern metal stuff like Killswitch Engage,Lamb of God, MachineHead, Conquering Dystopia,etc].....I'm also considering the Mesa Throttle Box [with or w/o] EQ, seeing that I'm still a fan for that tone, being a former Mesa DC-5 and Dual Recto 3-channel owner] or even the Wampler Triple Wreck [the only thing is that boost switch, which can get fuzzy and compressed].....anyways, will get rid of more pedals, then pull the trigger on one of these two, stay tuned!! I'm collecting Dirt pedals, essentially, what the heck, you only live once, might as well got for the gusto and do it!!!:
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    *Furman Pedal Board loaded with Bogner, Boss, ISP, Dunlop, Randall and Korg Stompboxes

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    If you decide to go for the Throttle Box, I HIGHLY recommend going for the eq version. The smaller one does have the boost function but it's an internal switch that you have to remove the bottom plate to turn it on or off. Not only that but it's pretty muddy and it doesn't clean up much even with the tone knob cranked. I'm pretty sure the eq on the bigger one would take care of that quite nicely but I wasn't going to shell out the $300 for it.

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    I will actually hit my Ecstasy Red with a Maxon OD808 if I need something a little over the top, but I've mellowed (and mainly play bass) these days. All the reviews I've seen on the Uberschall pedal said it was crap, so I'd recommend skipping it.
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    Yea try boosting the Red with a tubescreamer like you would with an amp.

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    Here is my thread on this pedal. Not a lot of detailed review because it was horrible sounding. As I say in the thread I think I got a dud but use Amazon if you want to cover your ass either way. Also I have heard and found it doesn't have that over the top gain you where talking about either. Leon pointed me at the Blackstar units and I did try one in a GC and it did seem to have that kind of gain. Happy hunting

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    I'd definitely try boosting the Bogner red but if you're ready to blow more cash look at the Amptweaker Tight Metal series or the ISP Theta preamp pedal.

    Or return the Bogner and
    Just buy a 5150

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    ME: Schecter Hellraiser
    MA: Taylor 114CE
    Rig: Blackstar HT40

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    I might go Mesa Throttle Box with EQ, it sounds amazing like a Recto [had a DR 3-channel amp long ago]

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    Have oggled the Uberschall pedal for a year, reviewing videos, etc. Opted instead for a used AMT E1. At $80 it was pretty much what I was looking for. Brings out a lot of deep punch ... whereas the Uberschall came off sounding a little hairy, boutiquey but maybe the videos dont do it justice.
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