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Thread: Bad power amp?

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    Bad power amp?

    Alright, so as some of you know, I recently sold a low end Bugera 2x12 cab and am waiting until after the holidays to purchase something new.

    Anyway, I was playing on the thing with the same set up as I am now the day that I sold it, only, now I'm borrowing my friend's 2x12. That's the only thing that has changed.

    All I did when I sold the Bugera 2x12 was pull the TRS cables from the back of the cab, and set them aside. Haven't touched it since, until yesterday when my friend dropped his cab off.

    I plugged the TRS cables into his cab, turned on the 11R and the power amp and this is what I get (the real kicker at 15 seconds):

    [VIDEO]]WTF Power Amp - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    The volume is super low, adjusting the knobs does nothing and at 15 seconds in the video, you can see, I'm getting sound with the power amp turned off!?

    Here are the steps I've taken:

    • Used all different cables (from XLR to TRS and back)
    • Used different guitars.
    • Used different effects units (As you can see from the video, I have the GSP1101 plugged in, not the 11R which I started with. But I also tried my M-Audio Fast Track Pro with the BIAS demo and got no sound at all)
    • Had my friend bring another cabinet to test, because my first thought was something was wrong with his 2x12...before I realized I was getting sound with the power amp off.

    Does it sound like the power amp is bad?

    I've checked the breaker and it doesn't seem to have been flipped or anything.

    Anybody ever use this power amp before (or any) and have this problem? It's a QSC GX3, and HERE is a link to its specs. I've searched, but have found nothing.

    Any info is appreciated!

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    It needs to go off to a tech. If it's still outputting volume after the power switch is flicked then there's something serious going on.
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    I would do some basic trouble shooting, first try putting something else through the amp, like just a distortion pedal to see if you are still having issues. I would also check all cables, remove and then put back in place. Your main cable is where I would start first.

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