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Thread: Maxon Overdrive shootout...

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    Maxon Overdrive shootout...

    I have this new video of 5 different Maxon overdrives used for boosting purposes.
    So I dialed in the Satan in a less gain/more humane way and boosted it.

    Also if you'd like to try the pedals in your setup yourself you can download the DI-package of every pedal from here:

    [VIDEO]]Maxon Overdrive Metal Shootout (OD808,OD808X,OD9,OD9Pro+,ST9Pro+) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Wirelessly posted

    This is very relavent to my interests.

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    I really couldn't tell much difference. The OD808X and the ST9 Pro+ seemed to get a tad bit thicker or beefier, but other than that they sound roughly the same to me.

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    I think the differences may pop a bit more on a different amp... Something much lower in gain by nature, like a 50w EL34 driven old Marshall clone.

    From personal experience, I never noticed much difference with OD pedals on most of the gear I've owned (Mesa Nomad, TriAxis, DC-10, SR50). But, when it came to some amps with older flavors of gain structures (Laney GH50L), all of a sudden, those pedals seemed to add TONS of flavor.

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    This is very interesting, thanks.

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    i use the ST9 pro+ its all about that low boost!
    gotta have a good noise gate though.
    most useable settings for me are Drive-0 Level-Max Mid Enhance- 1 o'clock Tone- 8 o'clock
    Low Boost- ENGAGED

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    Low boost?

    I use an OD808 and a Bad Monkey for a low CUT to clear up the low end thub and give a little more definition to my rhythms.
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    Maybe it's more in the low mid territory as opposed to bass frequencies. I can't imagine any modern amp needing more bass response. Unless it's more meant for switching from bright cleans to a lead tone with a click of a switch.

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