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Thread: Pedal hum

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    Pedal hum

    I've just put together a new board and everything was sweet until today. I've turned everything on and there's a terrible hum when more than one pedal is engaged.

    I'm using a power supply with isolated outputs and the only thing I've done differently is mount everything on a board. Just mdf board with Velcro carpet. It's doing my head in how it can go from working perfectly to sounding terrible. From what I can gather it's ground hum, at least I think so. If I put my hands on the strings the hum stops

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    Ground loop hum, probably from your power supply. Unplug the pedals one at a time til you find the one that caused the hum then check it for a faulty ground or power supply issue.
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    Tried the process elimination and I got hum everywhere except my delay pedal. It's probably there but I just can't hear it with the volume low. All my other pedals are boost pedals so I guess that would make it worse. I guess I need a new psu...

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