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Thread: So, I probably want an amp that doesn't exist...

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    So, I probably want an amp that doesn't exist...

    I could totally get by with my HD500/HD1221 setup, but it just doesn't have much mojo, and feels like more of a chore to setup and dial stuff in than just plug and play. Therefore I am considering getting back into the "real" amp type of setup and not the FRFR setup, but I have no idea where to start as I've been out of the game and could use some direction.

    I have a lot of "wants", and I'm realistic knowing I won't be able to get all of them, but I'll list them anyways.

    - I need something that isn't huge (no need for a halfstack) but can hang volume wise for gigging/practice
    - Having something that works at lower practice volumes with good tone is a plus
    - I'm open to combos or head/cab style, but I don't want to lug around a 4x12. 2x12 combo or cab would be nice.
    - I don't need every tone under the sun, but a few nice usable tones would be good (a clean, mid gain, and high gain). I like it to be somewhat versatile (mostly focused on different types of metal but I want to be able to do other genres effectively too as I kinda would like to start a cover band for weekend gigs), but I understand how this works.
    - I'm open to tube/solid state/"modeling" if it works right. I'd prefer tube but that leads to my next point...
    - Price. I have a kid on the way and I'm trying to "downsize" and economize in a sense, so I can't break the bank. I don't want cheap crap, but I can't be spending more than $1K on the entire setup unless it's worth it.

    Any insight is much appreciated!

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    the Laney IRT-60 212 or the Laney IRT-30 112. They have a multi watt knob that lets you dial anywhere from 1 watt to 30/60 watts, also have 3 channels.

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    I had essentially the same needs (though less focused on metal and more focused on versatile cleans and mid-gain tones for country, pop, rock, blues) and recently bought a Fender Deluxe Vintage Modified combo and so far it has succeeded fantastically.

    The DVM is a 40w, 1x12 combo. The clean channel is a solid-state pre-amp, the gain channel is tube pre-amp, and the power amp for both is all tube. The clean channel is classic Fender cleans, with a 2-band EQ. You would never know it's a solid-state pre. The gain channel goes all the way from the "just breaking up" stage to full on saturated gain, and has a 3-band EQ. It also has 3 onboard, foot switchable digital effects with independent controls for each: reverb, delay, and chorus.

    It uses a shallower style of speaker, and is not very heavy, especially compared to most other Fender tube combos. It sounds great at apartment levels, and can get extremely loud. It has an effects loop and two outputs to use an external cab if needed.

    I think they sold new for around $800, and I got mine on the used market for far less.

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    This: RD20H | Randall Amplifiers | Guitar Amplifiers, cabinets, and more + this: RD112 | Randall Amplifiers | Guitar Amplifiers, cabinets, and more =

    Amp has speaker emulated out, so you can go directly into a PA or recording Interface. Shouldn't be pretty easy to transport and set up.

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    The Mini Mesa's are good choices used. Only issue with the Mini Recto is that it goes from quiet to loud quick (especially on the modern mode, vintage is fine). The Mini Mark seems to do better than the Rec at low volumes. But they easily are the best for everything else you mention.

    Then I would recommend checking the JCA22H or JCA2212C to see if you like the cleans enough. You can get one of these for really cheap and they sound great. Not as versatile as the Mesa stuff though but then again not much is. But these do really great at bedroom volumes.

    Then there is also the stuff I haven't tried like the Laney Ironheart 15, Randal RD20, and the ENGL Ironball.

    There also is the option of getting any amp you want and then using a CabClone for headphone/monitor playing to get low volumes.

    EDIT: Also the EVH 5153 50w is a good choice.

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    Another recommendation for the Ironheart.


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    dunno how cheap laney stuff is in the states but i've never seen anything but good things about the ironheart series.

    Spec wise you want a mini mkv but money wise that may be out of your price range unless you can get one used.

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    Used Mark-IV or a Nomad, IMO.
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