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Thread: amp shopping

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    Wirelessly posted

    Yup, still looking around.

    Clean single channel (fender bassmam 200, traynor yba, plexi/jcm80) or dual channel. 50W+ is ideal. I have outboard reverb and want an fx loop for clean boost and delay. My short list is the ceriatone two channel plexi for sale near my grandparents or the soldano hot rod 100+ in toronto.

    The amp wont get gigged a ton but it will be used live. Cab is an oversize 212 with V30's.

    Im used to the jcm800 cleans but I really liked the tones from my pro reverb. I plan to use my ts7ovchaos if i go the clean amp route.

    Im currently selling the fsm, and borrowing my brothers 5150.

    I'd just get a 6534+ except I am hoping for a better clean tone. I did try the 5153 50W and wasnt blown away.

    If i get the 800/plexi i would add an fx loop unless it came with one. I dont want to rush into the soldano because i'd be using money alotted for somethinf else and would be relying on the fsm sale to recoup.

    My bandmate suggested jca but they dont have a 4ohm out (the 212). Gotta look into blackstar as well.

    Lets talk amps! The less I spend the better haha.
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    Mini Mark.

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    Yup....the new solution (cept the wattage) for most amplification needs is Mini Mark V from what my ears can tell.

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    If you like the Marshally sound, why not get one of Mesa's more British sounding options?
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Blackstar sounds like what you want. Although Ironheart would be my preference if you can't swing a Mesa.


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    Or get a mini Mark and dial it in that way.

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    I've got a Fryette Deliverance60 for grabs, unfortunately on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Get a Jet City JCA and rewire your speaker cab to 16 ohms

    Also keep an eye out for a Sunn Model T from the Fender era. Gorgeous Twin-style cleans and a ripping high-gain channel.
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