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Thread: 2 Cabs and 1 Output

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    2 Cabs and 1 Output

    On my power Kemper I have a single output and I use it for bass and guitar. I've spoke to the Kemper chaps and they have said the 8-16 ohm limit on the kemper is over the top and 4 ohm is fine and it has an immediate cut out preventing permanent damage if it did try and kick out too much. (The joys of digital power amps). So I'm fine to link my two 8 ohm bass cabs together in either series or parallel. The issue is how the hell do I plug a single output into two single input bass cabs?

    I was thinking of wiring up a box with either a series or parallel link or installing a link on the back plate of my bass cab/buying one. What are my options?

    I know people running cabs in parallel is the done thing due to if one cab pops the amp won't be running on zero load. Any tonal difference running series or parallel?

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    I personally always used Parallel type of split, either from amp outputs or parallel boxes. I was told that tonally it shouldn't make any difference since it should match up to the power amp output resistance.

    I would say it mainly depends on the amp, I've had some amps perform differently at different resistance levels and other amps having no noticable tone difference at different resistance levels. You'd have to test it out to see if there is a difference, and if so, decide which you find sounds better for your needs.

    If you run in Para you have a total resistance of 4ohms, and if you run in series it would be 16ohms, so you might want to take that into account as well, but if they told you the amp could run at 4ohm without a problem, then there should be no issue.
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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    Just make a y speaker cable. Take 3 1/4 inch plugs, a sizable length of cable and do it that way. Saves having to drill holes or open up cabinets. I've done it before when dealing with multiple cab setups for recording where an amp only has 2 outs and I want to run 4 cards.
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