the Valveking II considered shit?

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Thread: the Valveking II considered shit?

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    the Valveking II considered shit?

    Peavey Valveking II Head 100W/25W/5W Tube Head |

    Was just wondering, because the other seemed like it was haterd vy most of the general puplic

    This one is interesting though has the power cut switch, and the usb recording seem cool too.

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    The original is pretty universally hated.

    The new ones, I've heard some people were pleasantly surprised, but I haven't heard people raving about them. So...they're probably better, but still not amazing.

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    Hmm. Well, I was looking into the 333xl and trirec (I know, a brand of unversally hated amps lol) and saw the valve king II. I've played a 333xl before my buddy has had one for 4 years now, i obviously don't NEED 120watts lol but I was planning on a head and a 2x12 cab.

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    Wait and see how well the 6505MH is recieved. Same features, lower wattage, and will hopefully will sound better.

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    Meh, it's a low budget tube amp. It doesn't sound great but you're also not paying for great. Go used and get a better amp for a little more.
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    Crap. I owned the original VK100, and the clean was okay, gain sucked. I played the new 20w head, and it's a pile of shit. Pretty much any other mini head stomps it.
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    Just get a 5150.

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    I'll agree that the amp falls on the low spectrum of high gain - metal amps. Speaking in terms of the original.

    BUT, sometimes I think it's very easy to lose sight of the value of a cheap amp. I've played high end, I've played low end, at the end of the day I always still love playing. Also, I'd say if you're playing alone all the time it's soooo easy to pick apart the tone. You can sit their and nit pick the eq and tweak until you bleed from the ears but throw an amp in a band setting, it takes a lot to make an amp complete shit.

    I've seen the VK side by side with a ton of high end amps, it always held its weight in my opinion...and further, sometimes beat the shit out of the tone of the rival. Further, I can say I dinked around with one once at a used shop (thought about buying it)...I threw an OD in front of it as a boost and an EQ...the thing ripped man...just saying.

    I'm glad amps like this exist because I've seen too many rad punk/hardcore/metal bands that wouldn't have done shit without a cheap, 100W, tube amp.

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