seeking diff flavors of tone with what i got

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Thread: seeking diff flavors of tone with what i got

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    seeking diff flavors of tone with what i got

    im a poor bastard and chasing tone. I play a blackstar ID yea technically it is a modeller but it models different tubes, like a different approach but it does take pedals well....anyway I'm running a Boss sd-1 for solos/leads....anyway I'm still chasing tone primarily rockish/metal....i love versatility when it comes to metal always seeking that perfect tone, but anyway I was considering adding a big muff or possibly a metal muff, I could push my tone on the distortion channel or even use a clean channel and push it harder....ya new amp not an option. I had a boss me-80 and it sounded weak....ya there is no replacement for tubes but im trying to get as close as i can...not really into the pods....anyway what do you think? ....please give me your advice...trying to get the best possible highest quality sound by adding onto what i got....warm high gain distortion is what im after...just trying to get different flavors of tone...thanks

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    Did you really just create a new account just to ask the same bloody question again? How high are you right now?

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    Sentences and paragraphs are awesome.

    Ignoring that, I sold my ID100 I got in a trade within hours of getting it, I thought it was one of the worst sounding amps I've ever played to be honest. It might not be so much modelling or what have you causing the problem but just that amp itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuh84 View Post
    Sentences and paragraphs are awesome.

    You could look into higher end distortion pedals with more tonal control eg the tight metal pro, Its more of a preamp than a pedal.

    That said, if you dont like the sound of your amp there is only so much polishing you can do.
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    Just get a 5150 and RG550. Everything else you do is just a small step in that direction anyway.

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