FCB1010 with Uno 1.0.2F for Kemper control. HELP PLZ!!!!

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Thread: FCB1010 with Uno 1.0.2F for Kemper control. HELP PLZ!!!!

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    FCB1010 with Uno 1.0.2F for Kemper control. HELP PLZ!!!!

    Hey guys! Okay, here's the story...

    a little while back, i borrowed an FCB1010 with an UNO (or maybe it was Uno for Kemper? Just learned that there's a huge difference between the two...) chip from a friend. It behaved wonderfully! It changed my patches in performance mode, i was able to turn effects on and off within the patch using the top row of buttons, and the volume/wah pedals worked great. I did several gigs with it and decided to get my own.

    So, i went on Ebay recently and bought an FCB1010 that was already modded with the UNO chip. I am playing some gigs on the Shiprocked cruise next week with my cover band, so i HAVE to have this footswitch working! I just tried out the FCB i bought, and some weird stuff is going on. i need help FAST, i'm hitting panic mode.

    For one, when i turn the FCB on, i get no notification on the face of the Kemper that says "UNO footboard connected!" or whatever its supposed to say. Nothing at all.

    In performance mode, i can use the bottom row to change between 5 different patches. That's good at least. The top row of buttons does NOT turn effects on and off, though; they all just throw me into patch #6, or a completely random different bank.

    The volume and wah pedals do nothing.

    I just opened the FCB up, disconnected the UNO chip, and then reconnected the UNO chip, just to make sure everything was connected like it should be. Same stuff is happening, though. I did the factory reset by holding 1 and 6 while starting the power up, and it didn't change anything.

    PLEASE help if you have any idea what this could be!!!

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    I dont know if this will help but i use the FCB with my axe fx II without the mod and this helped me program it to work.

    FCB1010 Help (No Mod/No Chip)

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    Have you read the manual? It looks to me like there may be some configuration required, as there are a few operating modes:

    FCB1010 UnO Firmware | Downloads

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