NAD - because trve doom sorrow

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Thread: NAD - because trve doom sorrow

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    NAD - because trve doom sorrow

    So, just a few minutes ago, a package arrived in my office, adressed to me personally. Huge parcel. Heavy as fark.

    It needs to be opened.

    There is shittons of packaging material...

    Finally seeing some kind of "form" under all of it...

    There is some color shining through...

    Can it be? YES. It's a
    '77 ORANGE OR 120

    For those of you who know me a bit, do also know how crazy i am in love with my Diezel ever since. Know also, that this made this decision not easier. But since I joined the band (missed this news? click HERE ), I mroe and more felt that while the Herbert does actually almost everything - and even mroe so: what he does, he does flawless - he does not do one thing: sounding like an old rocked out amp, that does sweat nicotine fom the late 70s when you power it up. But truth is: This is what I need at the moment.

    So, I was on the hunt for the last 4-5 weeks...finding countless of ncie amps, from old Hiwatts to newer Matamps (holy shit why do people sell old Matamps for 8000,- GBP? are you kidding me?), but i just couldnt settle...then this one popped up in a store in Germany, and while it wasn't the CHEAPEST one i found, it was definitely the one in best shaped, serviced, and with buying it from a shop I felt just more secure than sending 1000,- bucks to some anonymous craigslist dude. I called the shop, even got a nice discount, and bought it right away. That was on Friday, and it's already here....FFS, it's only tuesday, and I won't be in the rehearsal room until Saturday...Jeez ffffuuuuuuuu....

    Yeah, so I actually won't keep the Diezel, although it breaks my heart. I would make a special deal for MG users if anyone is interested - shipping in EU is possible, I am responsible for the logistics in our company, I can work something out.

    Is it still Tuesday? Good fucking god...

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    Wirelessly posted

    Congrats man. One of the bands we share with has an AR140 (i think - i'll see it tn) and its the first orange ive tried and liked.
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Awesome!! I've never played a vintage one, but I love the OR15.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Badass amp!

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    ME: Gibson Les Paul Std
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    I couldnt resist and hooked the half stack up at home. Holy shit, this thing is loud. Like MONSTROUS loud. Volume is just a fingertip above absolute zero, and it could still make the floor vibrate. And then i hooked the Black Arts Pharaoh up...and then i boosted both with the bloody murder. i'm not gonna lie....i think i came a bit. I know i said it already, but i really cant wait anymore to crank this thing.

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    sounding like an old rocked out amp, that does sweat nicotine fom the late 70s when you power it up
    Poetic as fuck, sir.

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    Post metal, for fans of ISIS, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Gojira etc

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    I want that

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