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    NPD- More Mesa!

    I took one of my guitars to a local mom & pop shop that has very talented tech to get some fret work done along with a new nut. I had no intention of buying anything, through the course of our conversation we started talking about OD's and next thing ya know-

    I spent several hours this evening tweaking it and AB'ing it against my Maxon OD808. They are very similar pedals, but at the end of the evening the Grid Slammer won out. It tightened up the low end better and has a richness that the Maxon doesn't.

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    Nice it even looks like one badass pedal

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    That thing looks mean.

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    The Mesa whore that I am, I actually haven't tried any of the pedals yet. I also have a Maxon OD808, though modified, that I'm pretty happy with, but it's been a long time since it's had any pedalboard competition!

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    I like the Mesa pedals but I've tried other thinks I've liked more in the same price range. I really dug the flavor of the tone burst pedal in particular though and may pick one up in a trade at some point. I haven't tried the grid slammer yet though.

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