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Thread: Considering trade for amp - thoughts and considerations

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    Considering trade for amp - thoughts and considerations

    Hey folks-

    Let me first say that this has no effect on my plan to buy a decent mini head in May or so. I think I've decided on the Jet City JCA22H.

    This is a separate deal.

    I have the opportunity to trade a $350 guitar for a late model Peavey Vypyr 120H and an older 4x12 cab loaded with Celestion G12 50's. All of it, of course, depends on functionality of equipment.

    What interests me about a modeling tube amp is that the Vypyr may give me the opportunity to play with tones without a lot of investment and the ability to us a USB input to run music into my computer so I can record and listen to my playing. This deal also gives me a cab, which I currently do not have.

    Once the JCA22H comes along, at least I'll have a cab to plug it into.

    I did some research (reviews, etc) and no one really had any bitches about the Vypyr 120H other than the stupid-ass fangs on the face and the blinking Christmas lights.

    I don't see a downside on this. But, I thought I'd run it by you guys. Not doing anything until first part of next week when I can inspect the gear.

    Thanks -
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    Fwiw I've got the viper tube combo. Great for playing with different tones and such but I find the usb to be not so usable. By that I mean it sounds pretty shitty.

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    I would say do it. I like the vyper stuff and I would keep my eye out for the foot controller that lest you access the wah and volume functions. plus those cabs arent a terrible start.

    If all else fails you could probably off load the head for a couple hundred bucks

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