General discussion of the longing to acquire gear and being one with the universe

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Thread: General discussion of the longing to acquire gear and being one with the universe

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    General discussion of the longing to acquire gear and being one with the universe

    Greetings everyone.

    So, I think I'm where I want to be, gear wise... for now. I looked at my wall this morning and said to myself, "Yeah, okay."

    Joey said something the other day that I think is pretty spot on. He said one of the advantages to picking up guitar as an adult is that you have money. I don't have tons of money, of course, and much of what I've acquired has been in trades or used, but I think, notwithstanding trying to sell my King V and buying the mini-head in May, I'm done dealing for now.

    So where do you stop... or do you? Do you plateau or reach a level of contentedness - or do you remain in a constant state of GAS? If not quite GAS, are you always on the lookout?

    Is much of this based upon your skill level, your comfort with your existing gear, or your needs if you're performing live or with a group?

    I'm just curious.
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    I was actually thinking along these lines earlier. I was thinking to myself "there's no fucking way I could be endorsed, I like too many different guitars for different reasons!"

    I really dig how some of my influences (Dimebag, Nuno, Hetfield, Satch, Vai, Petrucci) have all (with the exception of Petrucci) stuck to ONE guitar their entire career (or one type, anyway). I can't stick to one guitar for more than 6 months lately! And that's not something I'm particularly proud of. I've got a bit of a rep for not hanging onto guitars for very long, but it's actually not a very nice feeling, and I think it's down to a musical identity crisis that I've been suffering from in the last couple of years.

    That's me personally though, and my own reasons for chopping/changing a lot in the last few years, so I'm sure this isn't the same drive behind most people's GAS. I'll bond with a guitar, absolutely love it to death, and spout all sorts of bullshit like "yeah this is the one! this is so me! This is what I've been looking for all a long!" only to go "meh that's not really my thing any more" and then go in the complete opposite direction I mean, fucks sake, for the last few weeks I've wanted a Telecaster of some description SO badly. Like, I've felt like it was the answer to my woes. The thing I needed to break my writer's block. "Yeah I'll have it just kickin around, love the idea of mixing single-coils with heavy music, it'll be great..." Now I just look at Tele's with complete disgust and go "thank fuck I didn't get one of those, what a heap of shit..."

    With me, a guitar isn't just a tool. It represents you and your musical whereabouts. It's like your clothes in that regard. It sort of defines you as a player in a stylistic sense, and since I'm a little confused as to where/who I want to be musically lately, I think that's been reflected in the guitars I've bought.

    All that confused pop-psychology aside, I generally feel it's natural that everyone goes through some sort of taste change after a few years. I can remember a time when all I wanted was the pointiest shit you could possibly buy! V's, X's, Explorers... It had to look metal as fuck with a stupidly thin neck, or I simply wasn't interested. Now I love guitars that are really understated, very basic and utilitarian superstrats... But there's a billion of those to choose from unfortunately, so even though I've narrowed down my tastes to that small group of guitars, I've still got to try them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My Guitar Acquisition Strategy has been to get one of each type of guitar, so i have access to a huge range of tones and textures in my sonic palette. For example:

    - Les Paul-type
    - Strat-type
    - Tele-type
    - Surf guitar
    - Hollowbody/jazz box or semi-hollow electric
    - Steel-string acoustic
    - Nylon-string acoustic

    And i've managed to limit my acquisitions by very rigidly adhering to a "7 strings only" rule. Because my strategy has been very focused, each instrument i've got is really different from all the others, and serves a particular tonal purpose. So it's REALLY hard for me to part with guitars, because a lot of them are fairly obscure and would be tricky to acquire again, or i've modded them to my liking. I've pretty much got the above list covered, with the exception of the hollowbody and nylon string. I'm hoping Ibanez keeps their nylon 7 in the lineup long enough for me to grab one when i've got some cash.

    I did sell my Agile Texan, but i'll probably build myself a Decibel AMX 7 for that purpose. There are a couple of other exceptions i'd like as well, like something with P-90s, and some funky weird hybrid things like my planned TeleBirdonita.

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    Personally I've never understood GAS. If you exclude the bass I bought about 2 years ago, the last time I bought a guitar was 5 years ago and I sold it 3 years ago.

    I've bought more than one piece of gear in a single year, but I've never bought more than one guitar in a single year. I also don't see myself buying another guitar anytime soon. Probably not for another 10 years or so.

    Even at the height of my guitar practicing, playing, writing, and doing shows, I didn't really have GAS. I am very satisfied with what I have and don't really feel the need to get more.

    So "do you stop?" Well, I never really started. So I guess I can't answer any of your questions.

    I would assume GAS has to do with how satisfied you are with what you have. If you're satisfied, you don't have GAS. If you aren't, then you do have GAS. And some people will never be satisfied. Hence the people who own like 100 guitars.

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    Between my Legras, EMGs, recto, pittbull and recto cab, I have no GAS.

    It was just getting gear that fit me. Granted, saying that with a bunch of customs and high end amps might be a little...cunty? Like a rich man saying money doesn't matter. But it's true enough regardless.

    I used to suffer from the need to buy gear just to buy gear. Looking back on it, I find it incomprehensible.

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    I'm totally content with what I have. I don't really GAS for anything anymore. Sure a guitar pops up once and a while that I'd like to have but my feelings towards acquiring it now as opposed to say 10 years ago have totally changed. I've never had a ton of money so before if I spotted something I wanted, I would have sat down and determined which of my guitars I could sacrifice so I could get the new one. Now I look at my collection and think, this is really good enough. I don't need anything else. About the only thing I'd like now that I don't have is a decent 7 string. Even then, I'm not actively searching for one. If I happen across one for a good price, I'll snag it. Just not a priority.

    And kind to touch on what Mattayus was talking about with your influences playing one guitar their entire career... That's something I have thought about too. And I have friends that have stuck to literally ONE guitar for as long as I can remember. If they can do it, why can't I? And I don't mean for brand loyalty. For me personally, Just finding a guitar I'm comfortable with and roll with it. I've kind of done that with the Buckethead Les Paul. Had it for a year now and it really is pretty much all I play anymore. My others pop out once and a while but the BH definitely gets the most action.

    Amp wise, I really don't GAS for anything else. I am 100% content with the Titan Customs. Haven't changed anything really amp-wise in maybe 4 years?

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    Smug suggestion for GAS therapy:

    Every time you think about buying a new guitar, amp, or cab, spend an hour practicing.

    You should realise that, like all of us, you're better off with more skill than more stuff.

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    I got everything I've ever wanted at the moment. I have an awesome rig, my 'white whale' guitar, and a modified RG to match it, and I improve my sound daily by improving myself. Keep cracking open that petrucci book, and other books. The reason I bought good gear is so that I couldn't blame the gear anymore. Not that I was a bad player at time of purchase, or am a terrible player as of now, but it narrows down the options in terms of what 'the problem' is, so that's my justification. My teacher preached that tone was in the hands, and while that's not 1000% true(and a discussion that's been had a million times) it's true.

    I like Darren's approach, and it's why I always did have different instruments. ATM I have a super versatile 7 string and a none more versatile 6 string.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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