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Thread: Got me a new guitar rigg.

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    Got me a new guitar rigg.

    Changed everything up,got rid of the 6505 and the purple cabinet,and now i have an Engl e530 preamp,peavey 120 mono tube power amp,and an MG slant,which is temporary till i get done restoring my 5 million year old ampeg 2x12 cab. Beast mode.
    Need a rack case,might just build my own.
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    Congrats! How do you like it so far?

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    I have a few racks I will be selling cheap if you are interested. Other then that how does the rig sound?

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    Congrats on the new rig! That e530 is a killer little preamp and those Peaveys are brutes.

    You should build your own rack if you like woodworking. It will be much cheaper than a new plastic rack case.
    I built one over a long weekend. I figure you could get out for about $40, less if you have some donor hardware and wood, plus your time.

    I originally posted a pic of the rack but decided that it wouldn't be cool to derail your thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zerodc View Post
    I have a few racks I will be selling cheap if you are interested. Other then that how does the rig sound?
    Defintely interested in a case,going to need at least 5 or 6 spaces with my tuner. The sound is great,I had an e530 and a 60/60 a while back so i knew what to expect.The tone is awesome. It does make you work your picking hand a little harder to get a real good attack on the crunch.Everyone hates on the MG cabs,and rightfully so most of the time,but the engl and peavey dont sound bad through it. It might become more of a long term cab seeing as i am making an abortion out of my ampeg cab in my attempt to restore it.
    Suprisingly what im most impressed with is the power amp. I have owned several tube power amps,but there is something about the tone that this particular amp is adding to the sound thats really impressive,and unique.
    Engl preamps are a very easy sell on ebay so i dont know how long it will stick around. I would like to try another JMP-1 now that i know a little bit about tone,but for now im happy.

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    It's interesting to see how trends in rigs come & go. In the 80's "rack" setups were all the rage but in the 90's, I think they kind of fell out of fashion because of the rise in quality of multi-channel heads & boutique pedals. Now that modellers like the Axe-Fx, Kemper, etc... have proven that they can hang with the big boys like Mesa, Engl, etc... it seems that rack based rigs are kind of making a comeback. Even the Mesa Tri-Axis is still fetching big bucks on the used market.

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    Well done on the score. Those Engl pres are killer, too bad most of their heads aren't as good.

    I love my ridiculous rack, only thing missing is a JMP-1.

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    After the masses quit BUYING albums & especially post-recession, bands had to economize. Gone are the days of huge rigs. It costs big money to ship them or to pay those extra airline baggage fees & that's probably a big reason for the rack rig return. Small rigs with amazing & reliable tones.

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