Drop Bears and P-90s and popsyche!!! OH MY!!!

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Thread: Drop Bears and P-90s and popsyche!!! OH MY!!!

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    Drop Bears and P-90s and popsyche!!! OH MY!!!

    So Tuesday I pack up the E-ride

    and go here

    to get the hottest chick on the Internet ....popsyche!!!

    We then venture off to Leonland where the following amps live in a dark basement

    Leon and Bill forge unholy metal

    At that point my dumb ass stopped taking pics.

    Anyway some thoughts on the Drop Bears, and Leon and Bill can chime in as they see fit, as well as the P-90s in my Blackjack.

    Here's a pic of the fabled Drop Bears right after installation and right before I fucked my wrist up real good.

    First off a caveat. These pickups were wound for me and my playing style and musical interests. They heaviest sounds I tend to use are more old school metal like Iron Maiden and thrash like Anthrax. I never get into modern metal super thick djenty territory. I also prefer pickups that can clean up very well have lots of dynamics that you can control with your pick attack. So if what I will describe to you think sounds like ass fear not gentle reader Dan can wind you anything you want.

    Anyway how do they sound? For me they are about as close to perfect as I am probably going to get. They have a nice snarling fat midrange with tight bass and are very articulate sounding. Then high end is very present. Leon about shat bricks when he first played them. Leon was grasping for the tone knob. They have way more highs than almost any humbucker I can think of. This is ok with me as I vastly prefer pickups that you have to eq back the highs rather than dark picks that turn to mud. As far as the output goes they are medium hot. I'd say less than a JB but hotter than a PAF. Using Leon's wireless input level monitor as a guide, the Blackouts in his Loomis dimed it out. The Drop Bears got it maybe 3/4 of the way to the maximum tops. This to was part of my design.

    Also a quick report on the Vintage Vibe P-90s in my Blackjack. They sound like a good P-90 should, fat, snarling and noisy as Hell. I love em alot. They are dynamics and great for lower gain stuff.

    Also I would be remiss if I didn't shower Dan with some love. He was awesome to work with. Always kept me updated and even once offered to give my money back when the parts suppliers were dragging their feet. Dan does great work and is awesome to deal with. Highly recommended.
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    my basement looks more dank in pictures. excellent

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    Coool! ANTHRAX rules!!!
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    Wait a minute.....no booze was involved?
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