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Thread: Seller's remorse thread

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    Seller's remorse thread

    This thread is for the pieces that haunt you in your sleep. My biggest regret is my 6505+, followed by my old tube rig. Then some fiddles here and there. It's crazy how much gear I've gone through...

    The Damien FR on the right was the first guitar that I had chosen to buy. Fucking miss that fiddle.

    And basically everything in this picture... Sold everything here but the strat/Prestige to fund the AxeFx, traded the DKA for my poweramp, and sold the Mesa because my asshole ex guitarist said I could use his cab...

    And man, was the mini recto fun while it lasted...

    And this was my favorite rig aside from my current rig. Keely compressor made the cleans useable, the Jack had a phenomenal sound, and the rig really did it all.

    I thought long and hard last night and I decided I should really hold onto my guitars, be patient and save more, instead of trading up/down, and regretting dumping stuff. Ironically, I don't regret dumping either of my Prestige's...
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    I had a Carvin TL60 I bought in a pawn store for $185 and had to sell it a year later due to some shit happening in my life. Didn't even get my $185 back. -_-;

    That and I still regret selling my Yamaha TRB6P. Awesome bass. Otherwise not much else I regret getting rid of. I hold on to a lot of stuff and get rid of stuff I just don't use or start finding less to my liking.

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    Rainbow crackle Charvel model 6 Absolutely flawless,from the last production run of charvel model 6's where the string lock and the nut arent seperate units.
    Paid 500 for it,sold it for 500,the collector who bought it messaged me thanking me SOOO much because it was a rare late run/rare color/rare perfect condition. I had no idea the color and late model were so rare and worth more. I have done some really stupid trades and sales but thats the worst.

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    Too long of a list to post for me.

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    The second guitar I ever owned, an Ibanez Axstar - got it for my 13th birthday and sold it for $100 a few years later in high school - haunts me to this day.

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    I've been through a fair amount of gear in the past few years. At one point I was allergic to selling anything, but in the past couple of years I've almost gone the other way and I hate keeping things that don't end up being used.

    That said, there is one thing I did regret selling, and thats why I ended up buying it back. That is my Mr Black Eterna pedal (Ant McCuntchops bought it, then I bought it back off him a year later). Other than that, in hindsight I wish I'd never sold my Marshall 2x12 cab to get a Zilla cab, as I ended up selling the Zilla anyway. The Marshall 2x12 would have been a decent bog standard cab to keep around. Not that it matters now, I'll be getting a new 2x12 soon of some description. It's more the wasted money in trying to "trade up" and still not getting what I wanted.

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    My Charvel US SoCal ProMod in Ferarri red.

    I'm greatful that I have the luxury of not needing to sell a bunch of gear, but I had to sell that guitar to fund an album. I miss it dearly.
    I do have plans on getting another one though once the opportunity presents itself.

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    I don't care what you say, there's no way this thread isn't off the back off that 1527M
    My worst case of sellers remorse is definitely my Xiphos 7. I wanted one of those for sooooooo long, then one popped up locally, and rarely played it when I got my RGD so off it went to James, and then to Stu. I can absolutely 100% guarantee that if he was to sell it (which I can also absolutely 100% guarantee he wouldn't) I'd have it back. That, then probably my IRT-15H and Apex 2.
    On a slightly different tangent, I have total regret for not buying something. Back when I'd just left school and started my first permanent job in 2008 I looked into Blackmachine, which I'd discovered a few years earlier. Way before all the hype and the hyper-inflated used prices. Had a lengthy conversation with Doug, and he quoted me 2500 if I remember correctly for one of his 8's. Things went south with the job and I couldn't afford to buy it. Damn I wish I'd bought that sooner.


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