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Thread: Do you turn down for gigs?

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    Do you turn down for gigs?

    Teddy's MV25 thread got me thinking, since Cassidy brought up rehearsal versus gig volume:

    do you find you have to turn down for gigs?

    I don't know the exact science behind why rehearsals (usually in a much smaller sized room ) are louder than the shows bands play, but in my (somewhat limited) experience this seems to be the case.

    I'm curious to hear everyone's experiences, given that some of you have been gigging for as long as I've been playing, and potential differences due to region (Lee vs. Sean etc.).

    And go!
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    Nope. I tend to use the same volume regardless. It means I can still hear my amp over the drummer and I'm not relying on monitoring for myself. I never get my master volume above 9:30 anyways


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    All depends on the venue for me. I've played a few where the PA isn't up to much so we have to rely mostly on the amps volume at that point. That's where the amp starts to pushed to volume levels that it almost never sits at.

    However more often than not, we tend to be at either similar, or slightly less at gigs than at rehearsals. The reason is we never mike up in rehearsals, and the drums are usually facing towards us. Compare that to a gig where either the amp is often closer than the drummer, monitors in front, etc.

    Also, I tend to work on the basis that I need to be able to hear what I'm doing in rehearsals as its to practice and get parts right. When we gig, if I haven't got the levels quite right, so be it. As long as I can keep in time, that's what matters. I still play better when I can hear and feel the amp, but its nowhere near as necessary for me to hear it clear as day compared to a rehearsal.

    While I'm not sure I could ever get away with going direct and running a "silent stage" (too much in the hand of venues and sound guys, I won't take chances on that), I think I could easily get away with a Mark V:25 and not have any issues.

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    Mostly keep it the same, maybe turn down a bit if the PA is solid so we can get a better FOH and monitor mix. I think the biggest reason is that live you can get farther from your amp and hear it better, while in most jam spaces it's just firing at your knees.

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    We just played in Montreal, and we were asked to turn down. I went down about a notch and change (non MV), and struggled to hear my clean parts - the driven sections were fine. I could hear everything else quite clearly. After our set, our vocalist/other guitarist said he couldn't really hear much of anything. I was stage right and he was center, in front of the drums. I did end up turning up a bit by the end as I couldn't hear myself and needed to be 100% sure I was in tune for the upcoming part. The soundman didn't mic the guitars, but we had the bass, kick and vocals in the PA.

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    I've been asked to turn down. I just walk over to the amp and either pretend to, or turn it up.
    There's almost never enough guitar in live mixes as far as I'm concerned.
    But those were the days....
    When I gave a fuck about playing out or being in a band.

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    Always, although being a direct guy I get all my monitoring from wedges so as little volume as possible makes everybody else happier, but me Nowadays I usually get very little at all because the rest of the band have moulded ear plugs whereas mine are the cheaper industrial ones that are way quieter, so I can't turn up very loud before the other guys start complaining. Between all this I've just accepted the fact that I don't get to hear shit when we play so I just put on giant fret markers and roll with it like a deaf guy.

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    I usually run at about 2/3 of my rehearsal volume. Sometimes less. When we soundcheck, I usually start lower that what I think I'll need and turn up as the sound guy directs. Sound guys generally tend to be pretty cranky and I try my best not to piss them off anymore than the other bands on the bill do. The main rule that I follow is to just make sure my rig is not pointed directly at FOH. And also, if the sound guy does a great job for you, tip them! They remember that shit.

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