NPDx2: Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl and Gravitas

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Thread: NPDx2: Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl and Gravitas

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    NPDx2: Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl and Gravitas

    So I saw the demos for these pedals and knew I had to get them haha.
    I feel like I am scratching the surface of what these pedals can do because they are insanely adjustable, but with that said my initial thoughts:

    Warped Vinyl: One of the warmest and sweetest sounding Chorus/Vibrato pedals I have come across, insanely adjustable, down to the shape of the LFO on both sides, and despite all of the knobs, switches and mini switches, the damn thing just works, you don't NEED to go super in depth for it to sound incredible. I especially love putting a delay pedal after this to smooth out the more extreme pitch modulation settings.

    Gravitas: This is basically the equivalent amount of sweetness and adjustability in the form of a Tremolo. Because you can shape the envelope, you can really get some cool and quirky sounds out of it. I don't use Tremolo pedals too much, but I might start incorporating them honestly thanks to this and the SD Shape Shifter!

    Also, I have to give Chase Bliss props for having the best packaging I have come across for a pedal. These come in what look like handmade wooden boxes, and that is quite fitting considering that the pedals themselves seem to be crafted with tons of care.

    Anyways here is a video of the Warped Vinyl in action (with the Vise Grip Compressor and EarthQuaker Dispatch Master Delay/Reverb).

    And here is a pic:

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    Wirelessly posted

    Your pedal collection is insane, definitely GAS inducing!

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    no idea what those sound like but they look fancy.

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    I saw the warped vinyl in chicago but wasnt sure what it did, so i didnt try it out.

    Your pedal collection is coming along nicely!
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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