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Thread: NAD and its all YOUR FAULT

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    NAD and its all YOUR FAULT

    Everyday i see the "just buy a 5150" sticky. So what happens when you go with your wife on a business trip to Madison Wisconsin and go to random used guitar shops and find one of these old brutes for 400?,you buy it! Ive always considered the combo version to be the most aggressive sounding of the whole bunch,and this one is no different. FYI the friggin shop had TWO of them stacked up i wanted to buy both so bad but i probably would have been walking home from WI.

    When i first saw them i facepalmed and just thought,"oh great now i have to buy one!"
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    Seriously if any of you live within 100 miles of this place i highly recommend you check it out. They had tons of rare and sought after stuff. I think they have every marshall cabinet made since the 70's there were literally like 25 of them.2x12's 4x12's 4x10's Jcm heads everywhere.

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