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Thread: NAD - Trades Happen - Vox AC15 C1

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    NAD - Trades Happen - Vox AC15 C1

    I pulled the trigger on the Vox trade and... yes, please.

    Within minutes of getting it home and plugging it in, I was able to dial up both, a decent clean and a nice dirty, greasy growl - with just my Custom 24. It does sound very British, and I dig that.

    This is absolutely not the 5150 that sits in my other office corner and I wanted something different, just not as different as the DeVille was, I guess. I still want some dirt.

    The other guy fell in love with the Fender DeVille his buddy had and said he's been hunting one for a while. We both drove a couple hours and were happy we had.

    Now... experimentation! Thanks everyone who offered information and insight.

    This is a Vox AC15 C1.

    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    Congrats man my buddy has one of those and I think it sounds great.
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    The C1 is one of the best versions of the AC15. You can also jump the channels on that with a Y cable pretty easily and it sounds awesome when you push it hard.

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    Really glad you like it man, crank that shit!
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    You did good son.

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