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    Review KSR Gemini

    So a short review of the KSR Gemini. I have this on loan from the dealers in the UK - London Guitars who are also the distributors for Diezel UK. Struck up a friendship with James who is a top bloke and good friends with Doug from black machine, only got this for another week and will be sad to see this go. Wish I could play this more but I have a dissertation deadline for my MA in a couple of weeks.

    So in short I am very impressed with the Gemini and the amount of options and options you have available. I have been mostly playing on the lead channel so far as i can't even process how many varying tones you can get out of this thing. You have essentially 3 midi switchable channels. Clean, Lead and if you flick the Lead switch again it goes into a crunch mode. I will give a basic overview of the functions of the lead channel - or I will try anyway!

    The Lead Channel has four modes off, Blue, Violet and Red. The violet and red are more brutal gains and great fun to play. I have tend to stuck with Blue and Violet modes as thats the type of stuff I play.

    In each of those modes you can utilise the following:
    Fat Switch: off, green, Blue and Cyan - I have used Cyan as it has the big bottom sound
    Voice - off, Green and Orange. they are essentially to help rhythms and lead and I select between Green and Orange depending on what I am playing.
    Then a bright switch which I have kept on although I am playing with a bright swamp ash guitar.

    As you can see there are a lot of options already on the lead channel and has been a lot of fun tinkering with all the switches.

    A test clip with the Violet and Red modes on the lead channel engaged. The track is from a band called Trials and doesn't include all the guitar. parts The Bass and Drums have been mixed by Stymphalian productions. I went for over the top gain just to see what it could do. To be honest I am extremely amateur when it comes to mixing so not looking for critique but just giving an idea what the amp sounds like.

    Then I backed off the gain a bit and engaged the Blue mode on the Lead channel. This is the signature lead sound that comes stock on the Orthos and Ares.

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    sounds fantastic. bought a KSR Ares recently and love it. goes without saying how good Kyle's lead modes are, but that crunch mode is a gem.

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    That sounds pretty excellent. The Blue mode clip sounds a bit less modern/Axe FX-like and a bit more organic. I think the Red mode fits the style of that song more, but I think I'd probably prefer that Blue mode.

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    I like the red channel but its a bit over the top gain for that clip. Its a bit more brutal - There are like 200 possibilities in tone from this amp with all the switches. I wish I could afford it for its versatility.

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