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Thread: Changing my guitar

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    Changing my guitar

    Hey I have a rx10d jackson rhoads guitar (black rosewood fretboard). It has licenced floyd rose.

    The thing is I didn't know anything about gear when i bought it, and no one adviced me. I mostly play the melodic genres of extreme metal.

    I only use it for practice so I want a cheaper guitar, is there some good guitar you recommend me?

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    You can't go wrong with a nice Ibanez RG of some sort. Depending on if you want a trem or not, the 320/321 is a pretty good entry level guitar that you can get used for $200 or possibly less.

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    Get a used fixed bridge RG, and it'll be a solid choice. Stay away from guitars with trems in the lower price point.

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    what is it you dont like about your current guitar?

    if its just the trem, you could try one of these...


    of as Jeff and Cory suggested Ibanez RG's are great - but I'd say try them out first if you can, the necks on them arent for everyone.

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    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, really.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    what is it you dont like about your current guitar?
    I like my current guitar, but since I only use it for practice and I need some money for other stuff, its better to have a cheaper one. But it should be good enough to practice properly.

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    I found an used Ibanez Rg 270-bk at 150 dollars. But it doesnt has fixed bridge, it has licensed floyd rose.

    Does it sound like a good deal? Could you tell me what should I check before buying it? I'm afraid something breaks down after some months!

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    Check the Trem if its all ok and not worn out on the Blades, see if it stays in tune after using it (which probably wont), check the Neck for any cracks and where the Neck joins the Body and massive Bowing (arcs). 150 is a bit high IMO see if he lowers it to 100-120 max.

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    I'd definitely recommend a budget fixed bridge Ibanez. The RG321 is killer. I haven't found a cheap Ibanez with trem that stayed in tune or was as well balanced as any higher end guitar with a trem.
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