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Thread: 6505 mini head question

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    6505 mini head question

    My new 6505 mini. Is noisy really noisy. Worse than the full size. Are the stock tubes junk
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    I'm not a 6505 owner, but I've played a handful of them and they were all pretty noisy at higher gain levels. Putting a noise gate before and/or in the loop of the amp is a great fix for this. The Mesa Triaxis is a similarly noisy preamp, and I had to have a solid noise gate between it and my power amp when I played live with it, and I don't even really use a lot of gain. My Triple Rec needs a noise gate in the loop as well and it's whisper quiet in between palm mutes as a result.

    Noise gates = good

    Chances are if you bought it new, the tubes are fine. I always am a fan of a Tung Sol in V1 because I think it really helps the sound in any amp, but other than that if you bought it new, it's what Peavey wants the amp to sound like, and that's generally pretty great.

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    It's the EMGs brochacho.

    Thus ends my not-very-helpful-at-all contribution.

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    Is it grounded?

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    I saw a video some guy posted on YouTube and he had some issues with his new one, and I read somewhere a couple of new units went out with issues. It was something to do with the tubes, and the indicator light, but that's all I can remember off the top of my head. Might be worth a quick google search

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    Are you playing it in a different location than your other amp(s)? My amp is fine at my place, but when I had it over at my parents' it was insanely noisy. Back when I was living with them I had problems with all my amps, including my POD. Not sure if it's their wiring or something, but it was brutal.

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    I always say this but, try other cords as well. I had a similar issue years ago and I thought of all kinds of problems, but it ended up being a cheesed cord. One day I will say this and it will actually be the solution.
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    Try different rooms, then buildings. I used to live with a band I was in, and when we had practices my amp had a bit of hum (unpleasant in a handmade head ). Every time I went anywhere else with the same rig, silence.
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