Kit for low-watt tube poweramp?

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Thread: Kit for low-watt tube poweramp?

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    Kit for low-watt tube poweramp?

    So, I've had the desire to start building amp's for quite some time now. My background is all electronics, and a lot of it in the point-to-point style that hand built tube amps are made in. So it kind of just makes sense to me to start exploring this side of the hobby... I haven't really had much desire to get into FX because there's less of a use case at this current point in time.

    Anyways long story aside, I want to start with like a 1-5watt or so tube poweramp for my pod. Just something fun to build and at the end of it get to hear the pod through a tube power section into a 1x12. I'll need it to run on 240v mains, gotta check the Hz, I've never actually checked

    Does anyone know of any reputable sites to order a kit from? Or a good intro lesson of sorts that would tell me what parts I need to source myself? I think most of what I get I'll have to get online, but I can at least find some of the basics in shops here.

    Eventually I want to build myself a 5watt or so platform that I can start experimenting on with tone shaping via circuitry, but thats later down the road...for now I just want a low-watt poweramp thats as clean as possible for a reasonable cost.

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