Well I got another compressor pedal.

Providence Velvet Comp.

Now, I've been using a FTT Silky Comp as my main compressor of choice for a while now and lately I've been using it for my bass rig. After building a new guitar rig, I wanted something of similar quality. And since I really didn't want to double up on another Silky Comp, I opted for it's predecessor instead, which didn't bother me as both were designed by the same guy. And it was a third of the price of the Silky Comp so that's a bonus.

After playing them both, there's not much of a difference, though I'm more comfy with the Silky for my guitar playing, so I'll be putting the Velvet comp for my bass rig.

And just after finishing this post, I just found out a new product on Providence's webpage.


Bloody hell.