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Thread: Randall RD20H Diavlo Incoming - The Downsize

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    Randall RD20H Diavlo Incoming - The Downsize

    A few weeks ago, I got rid of my 5150 and its 4x12 cab. I needed to downsize my rig. My intention was to get a 6505 MH or the like and a smaller cab pushing less air.

    In an unrelated trade, I picked up a used Randall RD50H Diavlo - and I really liked the sound of it. And, after spending some time with it I found I wanted to make my "downsize purchase" in the form of another Diavlo.

    Researching though, I decided I didn't want a 1W or a 5W because they were both 1 channel amps and purpose-built... I read that as limited. Now, I know I can't have everything, but I'd like to have the most options for my money.

    Enter the RD20H. I picked this up on Reverb and it should arrive in a few days.

    • Power: 20W tube
    • Two footswitchable channels (Clean and Overdrive), plus boost
    • Two 6L6 power tubes
    • Two 12AX7 preamp tubes
    • Footswitch included
    • Speaker-emulated XLR output
    • FX loop
    • Dimensions: 19.7" x 9.5" x 8.5"
    • Weight: 26.5lb.
    • 2014 NAMM Randall Both Demo

    I'll push this into my 1x12 cab - it has an Emminence Patriot.

    I may end up keeping my RD50H - I may not. I think I need to have the spring reverb looked at. But I'm looking forward to getting this in the house and seeing what it will do. Still probably won't be able to crank it, but it's not 120W anymore and I really do like the tone of the Diavlo.

    Pics are from the Reverb post.

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    I had one of these. Great low-volume metal sounds.
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    The other day I looked to see if you still had yours for sale. I am looking to put together a small rig to take to various places and thought it would be perfect to be able to grab one of my 2x12's and a little head like that. Looking at the 6505mh and the 5150III LBX now but I might look for a RD20 again on CL.
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    Congrats man. Let me know how you like it. I was thinking of picking one up.

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    I had one of these. A lot of head for the money. Grats man.

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    Grats man looks killer.
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    Congrats! Killer amps. I just changed preamp tubes in my RD45, and holey shit!

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    Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to getting the RD20H plugged in. Not sure how long it'll take to get here.

    Like I said, I may have that RD50H worked on a little and keep it if it doesn't cost too much. The guy I go to for that stuff really knows his shit and he's trustworthy. If it costs too much, I'll get rid of it.

    I just really dig the overdrive and boost on it.

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