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    please help me decide

    I'm getting back to playing, after selling all my gear like a retard. I Have narrowed it down to a few choices. I play mostly high gain stuff but sometimes I like to play some crunch/classic rock kinda stuff or maybe I will play some blues but 95% of the time it is metal. I have played modeling amps mostly and I have noticed that low volume sounds better, just seems to my ears. It is like I can hear more detail. I mean i like to turn it up some like when i'm jamming out but not where you have to scream ya know......anyway here are the finalists....

    1. Yamaha THRX (the high gain one)
    2. Vox VTX Valvetronix (This is the new one, soon to be available in the next week or so.)
    3. Line 6 Pod - With a single studio monitor. ( this would be like the old Desktop/Bean Pod) ..... have to stay in my budget

    I do not have a guitarcenter or a guitar shop near me that has these to try out so thats why im relying on you guys to help me choose

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    I've personally always found it hard to get the sound I was after on the Line 6 Pod. I have no experience with the Yamaha but IMO, the Valvetronix is a safe bet. I've had a VT30 for a few years and it's always been solid and it's great for playing around with loads of different sounds. The presets nail a whole bunch of different sounds and you can do pretty much anything with it. Great practice amp.

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    +1 @ the Vox VT. I had a VT15 for a loooonnnng time. It was the perfect little combo for practicing as it had a few channels, a handful of tasteful effects, some tube tone, took pedals well (especially my DOD MilkBox compressor with my old strat), and the volume was VERY manageable for the apartments I was living in.

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    Of your listed options, the Vox takes the win. It gives more versatility than the Yamaha, and should sound better than the POD.

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    I just got a THR10X a few days ago and it sounds pretty great at low volume. Can be customized to 5 presets with software, I love that it is tiny, 'desktop size', and that was my main reason for buying it. But it's going to be less versatile and less powerful than a small combo amp with a bigger speaker. I have a Peavey Vypyr 30 and used to own an earlier gen Vox VT20, VT50. Can't really go wrong with any of those, they all sounded pretty good for small emulators and have decent built-in effects. Have never heard the Pod.

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    I'm a fan of the Peavey Vypyr VIP.

    I compared the on-board 6505 model to a 2x12 6505 combo, and I thought the Vypyr held it's own really well. Had a very thick and tight sound to it. The lower-gain models were usable for crunch sounds, as well.

    I was also a fan of the Valvetronix series, but I felt the Vypyr's tone was more authentic sounding.

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    As you guys know i'm searching the best bedroom amp....I have to admit, like lot of you guys i love the yamaha thr, even though i'm in an apartment i like to turn things up just a bit and really jam out sometimes and although the thr sounds great it is hard to get that real jamming out vibe with such small speakers, that is what is holding me back on running out and buying it, this very i have ruled out the others except the new vox vtx combo and im also thinking about the micro dark. i have seen that the microdark hasa bit of power so here are my options. Also i want to mention that this will be mainly for playing metal. lots of power chords, i want balls to the wall distortion/metal. and ya even the vox can get that gain.

    1. Yamaha thrx
    2. vox vtx 1x10 combo
    3. orange micro dark - with 1x12 or 2x12 cab

    Which would you go with for metal?

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