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    screamer alt

    So I just got my amp. It is my first all tube amp. I went with the Randall RD5 combo. I love the tone. But being a small amp it is kinda limiting. For instance it needs a boost. A tube screamer alternative is what it needs. Something that does not have a mid hump like the tube screamer. I play hard rock so I prefer scooped mids. Also my pickups in my guitar are kinda weak so a nice boost is what I need. I'm broke after the amp so I need some thing that is cost effective, but at the same time I do not want to buy junk. What would you suggest? Are the Joyo's pedals any good?

    Also...I need an eq pedal, once again are the joyo's 6 band any good? My randall has no eq on it. It only has a single tone know. It does have an effects loop though, so thats comforting.

    The other thing it needs is a Noise gate....joyo? Ya this amp is a tad bit noisy it may be the crappy pickupsin it, but then again tube amps are noisey to start with....joyo noise gate?

    danelectro fish and chips for an eq? would i regret buying all joyo pedals? I want decent pedals I just cant afford to pay 80-90 per pedal. I also need a delay pedal joyo? and dont point a gun to my head on this nextg one....behringer?

    Please suggests to me the best cost effective way to go for these pedals that I need and thank you in advance

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    If you know how to use a soldering iron, you could try the Parametric Overdrive kit from BYOC.

    Parametric Overdrive – Build Your Own Clone

    It has a parametric EQ built in which makes it much more flexible than a screamer tonally. You can mod it for a more Tubescreamer vibe as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flexkill View Post
    joyo pedal for which?

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    For all of them if you're not gigging
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    I don't know about the other pedals but I had a Joyo noisegate and it flat out did not work. Maybe I had a dud. I'd save some money and go with the Hotone nano legacy series, a few Mooer pedals, the tc electronics mini line or the tone city mini pedals. All good, reliable stuff without breaking the bank.

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    FWIW, a tubescreamer will not give you more mids, nor hinder you from getting a scooped-mid sound.
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    The whole point of the TS boost is the mid hump(and cut bass) before the preamp.

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