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    NAD: Roland Cube 80XL

    I started taking jazz guitar lessons about a month ago and looked into a small amp with a nice clean sound. That eventually led me to the Roland Cube line of amps and specifically to the XLs. It has a built in looper which I thought would be great since I'll be practicing over rhythms. Being solid state, most won't consider it a "metal" amp but it doesn't do that bad a job. This Youtube video is probably the best review of the amp (and it's a metal centric review to boot). In addition to the looper, it has a 3/8" line-in so I can play over music.

    I missed out on a 40XL but this 80XL also popped up on Craigslist around the same time for $150. A little dusty but works just fine. Using the line-in of the amp and line-outing into the microphone adapter for my GoPro, I should be able to record mixed videos in one fell swoop. Stoked.

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    I love the Cube series. I've had my MicroCube for years now and love it, and a buddy of mine uses the 40 as his main gigging amp and loves it.

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    Congrats dude.
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Sweet buy! Cubes are absolutely my favorite of those practice modeling amps.

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