NCD: Early Xmas Present to Myself (Sunglasses at the ready)

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Thread: NCD: Early Xmas Present to Myself (Sunglasses at the ready)

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    NCD: Early Xmas Present to Myself (Sunglasses at the ready)

    Having sold my Rectoverb combo to go the head/cab route I needed a cab, so hit Zilla up for another Fatboy. I said I wanted obnoxious, Paul sent me some tolex samples and built the colourscheme I chose. Holy crap, it's amazing! This is my 3rd Fatboy and they've all been unique. My first was all black with the only green logo Paul's ever made, the second was the first in urban camo and now this. I'll hopefully be able to get some pictures of the cab family on Monday (they live at the studio we use for Walk In Coma, this cab's for my other band), but until then:

    While I was taking pics, I thought I'd grab one of the tower of tone currently at my house. The Mark IV belongs to Cobra Commander, I picked it up last night as it was in for a service near where I work, and the 5153 belongs to the other guitarist from Walk In Coma:

    I'm so metal I shit bats

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    Ha, nicely done.
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    That looks great.

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