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Thread: thrx and couple questions

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    thrx and couple questions

    So ya I took the plunge and got the Yamaha THRX and so glad I did. This thing is a beast!. Best sounding amp ever as far as i'm concerned. I was curious though will a EHX Soul Food pedal sound good thru the clean channel? Also I have a schecter with stock pickups with the thrx being a modeling amp, would upgrading the pickups make my sound with this amp any better or would it just be a waste of money? This is my only amp and I have no desire to play thru anything else or to play anywhere except my bedroom.

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    I can't answer your pedal question, but the answer to your question about pickups is yes, you can swap your pickups and still hear a change/improvement (hopefully) in your sound--to the same degree you would with any other kind of amp. The fact that the THRX is a modeling amp doesn't eliminate the character of the pickups.
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    Upgrading to a better amp may make the Schecter sound better. Not sure about the soul food pedal, although I do like to eat soul food occasionally.
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