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Thread: NAD : 90's Death Metal Extravaganza.... Marshall Valvestate 8200

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    NAD : 90's Death Metal Extravaganza.... Marshall Valvestate 8200

    So I already have a JVM and an EVH but I saw this on Reverb on New Years Eve after a few drinks and got nostalgic.

    I had a Valvestate 8100 back in the 90's. Strangely enough it was the most consistent "bedroom to jam to gig" amp I ever had, where I didn't have to monkey around with the settings too much.

    Got this Valvestate Bi Chorus 8200 for $200 US shipped so I couldn't say no. Sounds as good as I remember it.... these things are highly underrated. I'll probably change the single pre amp tube in it this weekend just because.

    This one is stereo, dual chorus, 100 watts or 80 a side (if that makes any sense? at least that what it says on the back)

    Here is the stock reverb ad photo and a shitty cell phone photo I took as well.

    Clips if I ever get around to it.

    In the mean time I'm butchering Death and Prong riffs while wearing camo shorts and a graphic Entombed long sleeve which survived the great purge of me getting married, having kids and all that. My wife thinks I'm awesome (ha)

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    I have a feeling this was the 8200 I was looking at. Congrats.

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    I'm so metal I shit bats

    My band > WALK IN COMA

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    Awesome, i keep mening to hunt one down, and yes, they are underrated!

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    Heard lots of good things about these. Had an AVT2000 that wasn't bad, and turned out to be pretty epic once I put it through some proper speakers. I've never played an older VS but I keep hearing they are a great amp flying under the radar.

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    Oh yeah, def used these back in the day. Great tight sounding metal machines

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