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Thread: Posting valve amps over seas

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    Posting valve amps over seas

    I wanted to get a general consensus on posting a valve amp. There is a chap who wants me to post my ENGL savage to Puerto Rico from the UK. Whilst I'd normally have very little posting a posting a guitar over seas I have issues regarding a valve amp. Basically, I'm worried that I'd wrap it super carefully and after the week it would have been thrown about and the guy would open it up to find smashed tubes etc... Files a claim over paypal and through no fault of my own I'm out of pocket by a lot of cash. Thoughts?

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    I'd only do it if the buyer paid by Gift option, to take the risk away from you. If they're happy to have the amp shipped, they're presumably aware of the risks. They can always buy postage insurance.

    And you can pull the tubes (which are easily replaced and the thing I'd be worried about the least) and package them separately and protectively.

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    De-tube it, wrap and label every tube individually and put all the tubes in a box, then put that box in another box, why not? Make sure the boxes can withstand the weight of the amp.

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    i posted a VHT to singapore and it went fine. I just agreed with the guy to pay, as Cassidy said, in a way that could not be clawed back if there were any issues outside of your control, if they want the am they accept the risk. Funnily enough the guy in question wouldnt even pay to insure it but it arrived safely a few days later.

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    I bet the cost of shipping to Puerto Rico from the UK will be mind blowing.

    But if the guy wants it bad enough more power to him/her.

    I once had to cancel a ebay deal to PR as the cost was so high I couldn't in good conscience make the person pay it. We were talking over 200 for a box the size of a couple of board games stacked on top of each other and fairly light.

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    what i'd do:

    1) take all power tubes out of the amp, wrap in a crapton of bubble wrap, and label each one
    2) pack the amp in a metric fuckton of bubblewrap before it goes in the box
    3) require the buyer to take out full insurance on the item
    4) require the buyer to pay for all the packaging. You will need a lot of bubble wrap
    5) you can do the thing where the buyer transfers money in a way where they can't pull paypal bullshit. international bank transfer is a valid option, and with the fees involved might be a good way. also, all they need is an iban number, which is safe to give out. ask your bank

    otherwise, i've shiped a rivera TBR-5 which is a stupidly heavy power amp with 8 6550s in it in the bubble wrap method. I basically put about 2 inches in depth of bubble wrap around it to the point where it could literally bounce and absorb all the shock. Then put on an outer layer of gaffa tape to hold it all together. Worked like a charm.

    Then box it.

    Packing in such an over the top way should also comply with packaging requirements that shipping companies have as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 Dying Trees View Post
    I basically put about 2 inches in depth of bubble wrap around it to the point where it could literally bounce and absorb all the shock. Then put on an outer layer of gaffa tape to hold it all together. Worked like a charm.

    Also, I like to double-box things of high value. From the outside to the item...
    Box / 3 inches tight peanuts / Box / Bubble-wrap / Item

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    I just make the buyer pay for postage insurance. I've sent amps to all sorts of places. Some turned up doa, so I did an insurance claim, they got the insurance money and the amp.

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