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Thread: AMT D2 with Digitech BadMonkey in Reaper

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    AMT D2 with Digitech BadMonkey in Reaper

    A friend of mine bought this pedal used last week or so, I borrow it and decided to give a spin especially after trying the MXR 5150 at a Store and be very impressed by it and also decided to show if anyone is interested.

    Please bare in mind this is not a review or even a proper Demo, its just me adjusting knobs, there's already really good demos of this Pedal on YT for some time now, search them

    The video only show's the Out preAmp but it has 3 Outs:

    -Direct as a normal Distortion pedal, A preAmp and Cab Sim that is quit good actually (but IR's are much better).

    I wanted to see how it would behave with Digitech's Badmonkey feeding the already BRUTAL Gain/Distortion this pedal has and some IR's inside Reaper.

    I recorded this with Headphones (Sennheiser HD380) and I can hear things with them that get a bit lost on regular Speaker's

    Chain used was:

    - Schecter Omen 6 with Duncan Distortion (Bridge)
    - Reaper
    - Nadir IR Loader with two IR's
    -Marshall1960A G12M's-R121-Cap-0in and Marshall1960A G12M's-SM57-Cap-0in (both free from the Redwirez Marshall package)

    Would love to hear it through a proper Amp but I cant right now and the pedal already went to it's owner

    ps: The YT sound get a bit more compressed than the original recording... but...
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    Nice! I picked up a P1 the other week and James and I got some good results running it into the mark iv and road kings power sections. Will take a proper listen when I get home later.
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    The Monkey sounds great through the 'mixer out' jack too. It is darker and smoother. I love this pedal.
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