JJEL844 tubes-Anybody tried these ?

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Thread: JJEL844 tubes-Anybody tried these ?

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    JJEL844 tubes-Anybody tried these ?

    I came across this substitute for the standard EL84 power
    tube on the Tube Depot site.


    Lower power and less headroom. I'm wondering if these wouldn't be a good fit for the 6505 Mini Head since a lot of people seem to be experiencing over heating. Granted the 6505 MH has a 1 watt mode and is geared towards the bedroom
    player already but I was thinking maybe these ran cooler

    Was wondering if anyone has used these and could comment on them.


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    www.thetubestore.com - Your online source for audio vacuum tubes. - use quality tubes. Lower power and less headroom is exactly the opposite of what works in a 5150.
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