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Thread: Peavy 112-6 Rec'd Today

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    Peavy 112-6 Rec'd Today

    This was dropped off in front of my desk this morning.

    I ordered this for the 6505 MH I've had on backorder for
    a while now. I did a search on Celestion Greenbacks on this forum. Seems opinions have
    changed a lot from the earlier threads of say 2010-11 to more recent ones.

    Anybody played thru this cab before ?

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    I personally would want a V30. Haven't played the cab.
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    I played a 5150 through:

    a Mesa 2x12 with Black Shadows,
    a 4x12 Crate with Eminence OE speakers,
    a 4x12 Peavey cab with Sheffields,

    and I played the 6505 MH through:
    a Marshal 2x12 with Celestion G12T75's
    a 1x12 with an Eminence Patriot ...

    Then I picked up a Mesa 4x12 with V30's - I'm a shit player, but I love the sound of the V30's and the 6505MH. If I was going to order a 1x12, I'd order it with a V30. Is that what you were asking? Hope so.

    I don't know what a greenback sounds like other than in a Vox combo. Sorry.

    Grats on the cab, though! Let us know what you think!
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    Since I'm still waiting for the 6505 MH I can't speak to how that
    amp matches up with this cab . I am in the process of hooking up
    and playing through a bunch of small amps I have.

    I plugged in my Marshall DSL5 and I couldn't dial in a useable sound to save my life. Pedals, no pedals,
    1 Watt, 5 watts, it all sounded like complete shit to me.

    I then plugged in my Firefly 1.5 watt diy project amp and it sounded OK. Nothing to get orgasmic about.

    Then I went with a Marshall Class 5 and pedals and it sounds pretty good.

    I still have a few more amps I want to try just for shits and giggles. It was
    bought to use with the 6505 MH so I won't know if I really like it until I get
    that amp and spend some time with it. The speaker is brand new and hasn't been
    broken in at all but that's always been a more subtle characteristic for me. I'm a shit
    player too but I know when I'm happy with an amp/spkr. tone wise. Unless something
    I try sounds great I won't bother to record anything with it yet. Maybe I should have ordered
    the 112-C. That has a V30 in it and is paired with the Classic MH.

    BTW this cab can be converted to open back but I hadn't even considered taking off the
    back panel.

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