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Thread: Uli Jon Roth Rig Rundown

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    Uli Jon Roth Rig Rundown

    Uli pretty much does all the talking and the Sky Guitar is so comprehensive on it's own.

    ...and OD pedals are a pact with the devil apparently...
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    Very cool. It wasn't until I was older that I learned to appreciate the greatness of the early Scorpion albums with Roth.

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    I was lucky enough to see him at a very small gig in Abu Dhabi a while back. There was an open meet & greet afterwards at a bar upstairs that not too many people went to. Me & a friend of mine (also a guitarist) got the full rundown on that guitar straight from him...it was pretty badass. He's quite the cool dude, very nice & very accommodating to fans.

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