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    In Tune GP picks

    I ordered some picks from In Tune GP on Friday, and they got back to me yesterday (pretty quick service, allowing that the weekend was in between). Service has been amazing so far, so just thought I'd give them a shout out, as we see more complaints than praise.

    I sent in my design, and they've reworked the design so it looks better on the pick once printed, which is very cool. I didn't expect that, especially on a small order like mine. I also chose the wrong pick on their ordering form (which, in my defense, is the worst web form I've used), and so they knocked up the design on an alternate pick template, so I could choose the correct one. Awesome service so far, and I'm already hooked on their picks (used them for a couple of years now, and love them).

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    I used InTune GP picks before I was with Dunlop and they are great! And yes, the online ordering tool is a hassle. One error and you have to re-fill random fields.

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    Agreed. Awesome picks, awesome customer service, wretched website.

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    I don't remember how many you sent to me or when, but I think it was about 20, and probably two or three years ago, and they've lasted until now. They're flat out awesome.

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    My old band ordered a bunch of picks from them with our logo on them and I agree, their picks are great and the service is awesome.

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    Careful if they get shipped to you via fedex, when they delivered mine they then asked for the import duty after the fact (rather before they deliver it as I'm used to with every other courier) and added on a (relatively) large admin fee. Had to argue with them for bloody ages before they agreed I didn't have to pay it.

    The plectrums are great though.

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    I love mine! We got some printed with Speed HolesTM to go with our wedding favors and then I had 100 printed in the Jumbo Jazz. They are awesome quality and great service!

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    I got them for my old band to give out at gigs as a more interesting equivalent to a business card. I don't have many left now but they're good picks and their customer service was also great in my experience. I got worried about them not arriving before a gig so I emailed InTune and they made sure it would arrive before that date. Great stuff.
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