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Thread: 6505+ combo is LOUD

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    6505+ combo is LOUD

    The 6505+ combo is my first tube amp and I love it. I have found that it is very loud. So much that I can't even get the master volume over 1 and barely at that. What is loudest anyone has had theirs cranked up to? If I didn't have neighbors I'd blast the hell out of it and hope I don't blow the speaker.

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    In other news, the sky is blue, the middle east has had some moderate violence in recent years, and some politicians might be corrupt.

    Enjoy the amp! It's meant to be played loud. Now put an OD in front and a gate in the loop and find a drummer friend to jam with.

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    Yeah, if you get it over 3, it'll blow your tits off.

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    I've had mine at 5, also have a Tung-Sol in tube 1 and a Sovtek in 5 or 6 or wherever the fuck you are supposed to put it, and a George Lynch Super V12 speaker swapped in(that was the best upgrade)

    At 5 it will melt off your face.

    I'll agree with you that it's real touchy on the master between like 1 and 2 there is a huge increase in volume.

    I miss that RG550, but don't regret letting it go.

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    Tube amps are loud, why do you think there's so many threads on attenuators?

    Crank it to 3 or 4 and it'll sound glorious, but you may want to have ear plugs handy
    I'm so metal I shit bats

    My band > WALK IN COMA

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    I usually keep it around 3 and i love the way it sounds. If im home alone or am really pumped i put it at 5 and luckly i have had really cool neighbors that haven't told me anything

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    Location: Florida Panhandle
    ME: K7
    Rig: 6506+ Combo

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    Thanks for the comments. One thing I don't have is carpet so my house echos like a MoFo.

    Angrychair...nice setup you got, on a clear cool night I could probably here you from the p-handle. Too bad we aren't cool with the neighbors. One just moved in last month and trampled one of my garden areas. Then again it could be a nice way to annoy the shit out of him.

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