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    sound question

    i am starting over playing.. new you could say.. i want to play some 5 finger, avenged sevenfold type sound..
    i have an older jackson dinky and a 15 watt marshal amp.. i am just not getting the sound that i want.. i dont know if diiferent pickups are needed, a different effect pedal.. i have a grunge and death metal pedal but still not right.. or maybe a different amp..
    any ideas for getting that hard hitting Rhythm .. i know they are tuned to B..

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    A good starting point would be to get a 5150, or if you're just playing at home, grab an MXR 5150 pedal and run it into the Marshall set to the clean channel.
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    Yeah the amp and pedals set up is the biggest change you can make to your sound. If you want to get your lead guitar tone more like Avenged Sevenfold, a Seymour Duncan Invader set would work since I think that's what their lead guitarist uses. They get trash talked on forums but I tried them and they were nice. But yeah, first priority should be the backline. Listen to James. The 5150 is like the flagship Metal amp and I've heard the pedal replicates it pretty well.
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    Difference in sound is pretty much in this order:

    1. Amp
    2. Pickups
    3. Scale length
    4. Bridge
    5. The guitar itself (if you believe in tonewood, otherwise not... I don't, but others do)

    So yeah, choice of amp is always most important when looking for a sound.
    Pickups makes a audiable difference, but if you have tried several different guitars in one amp, and then in another amp, you notice that... It's not MASSIVE differences.
    And the other factors are even less important, if audiable at all.

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