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Thread: New Rig Day , Tube Ampeg and 810 content

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    New Rig Day , Tube Ampeg and 810 content

    I got my Ampeg SVT-II Pro back from Dave Ryan, former SLM Ampeg builder, lucky enough that he still lives in St. Louis and works at a shop called Killer Vintage. We went through it, replacing all missing screws, tightened down the transformers that were loose, touched up some loose solder joints, cleaned the jacks, and matched up some tubes and biased it for me.

    My girlfriend was kind enough to pick me up an Ampeg SVT 810e on her way over with her Subaru. So I present, my new killer Ampeg rig. Structural damage not included.

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    Earth quake.
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    Congrats man

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    Aw yiss! Can't beat a full Ampeg stack.

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    Fuck yeah.

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    Awesome score! need a another, and a stereo chorus pedal to put in front of both of them
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