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Thread: Dialling in an amp

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    Dialling in an amp

    Wondering how you guys go about Dialling in your amps? Do you just Turn knobs until you guys get tones you like or do guys have a system? Sorry if this is a noob question but I recently bought my first nice amp and have been playing around with it a bit but wondering if there is an easier way to do things. Thanks

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    I start with everything @ noon and go from there.
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    I've been fiddling with multiple amps for years and years and still don't have a technique, I dial every amp differently since they all sound different and the speakers react differently with different amps and guitars and the cabs will sound different as well etc etc..

    But I don't want you to be discouraged, so a good statting point is always to start with all EQ knobs at noon (halfway up), same with gain, and adjust volume to taste.

    Now it mainly depends on the amp you have and what kind of tone you want. You want an American metal mid-scoop tone? Try to turn down the mids slowly and increase the bass, adjust treble to taste. You want a british metal tone? Turn up the mids up slowly, adjust treble to what sounds good. And if you eventually want more extreme tones? Use pedals to boost the amp.

    Go slowly and explore the controls one by one, try different combinations of settings. In the end it's all a matter of what you feel sounds good to your ears. Then take note that playing at low volume in your bedroom VS cranking your amp will also change the tone a bit, and if you crank it AND play with a full band it will also react differently.
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    I usually start with where I think it will sound good, based on the tone I'm hoping for. Then I sweep each knob around to get a feel for how they work and interact. Then I can start dialing it in. The first thing is usually to set the bass where it goes. I've found the bass eq knob to be easiest to dial in, and then I can just leave it around. The highs and mids and presence are a bit more finicky.

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    Get a 5150

    put your eq at 6 6 6


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots-Paul View Post
    I start with everything @ noon and go from there.
    Yup. Start at noon, depending on the setup I will adjust every knob to minimum and maximum value to hear what effect it has on the sound. Then I go from there.
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    Don't get your heart and mind stuck on a particular preset. Different rooms, guitars, clubs, other musicians you're playing with, etc., can all have a factor on your tone. I agree with everyone else that starting at noon on most amps is a good thing, and depending on the amp you're playing, a boost is exceptional. For my tastes, I generally use a less saturated and compressed heavy tone from an amp and use an overdrive in front to push it further. That works best for me, but not necessarily for everyone, and it really depends on the amp. A 6505 or a 5150 III works great for metal with just a gate in the loop, whereas a Mesa Recto comes to life with an overdrive in front.

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    To add to Vince's point - don't let your eyes tell you your ears are wrong. If you think something sounds best with the bass at 2/10, but your mind says "but its practically off!" due to the visual, ignore the visual. Use your ears alone.

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