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Thread: 6505 MH issue?

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    6505 MH issue?

    So yes, I have a 6505 mh and I am wondering if what I am experiencing is "normal". My concerns are in terms of the volume this amp puts out at different channels. For example:

    The lead is A LOT louder than the clean channel. The clean channel will be almost at noon while the lead will be about 7o'clock to achieve the same level of volume. Then if you were to turn on the crunch switch, the volume goes down even LOWER. Is it suppose to be this way? Is it getting lower because of the compression that comes with adding gain?

    For reference, I have a Bugera 6260 which is almost a 6505 clone. When using this on the clean channel, turning on the crunch button does little to nothing on the volume of the amp. Thanks for the possible answers and sorry if this is a dumb question overall.

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    my 6505+ is the same way, I don't know if I would say a LOT louder, but definitely +3 dB maybe???

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    Sounds normal to me. When I had one, crunch and lead were the same volume, and clean was obviously a lot quieter, unless you gave it gain. There was a volume boost from crunch to clean, but not enough to compensate.

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    I dont have the Mini head but I have the 6505+ 120 head and Mines the same way. I have to keep the red channel a little higher than my green. its not much like maybe 1 or 2 clicks on the knob.

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